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Pixie Market is committed to providing a website that is accessible and user-friendly to everyone regardless of technology or abilities. 


If you experience any difficulty in viewing or accessing any part of this website, we will work with you to provide the information, item or transaction you seek through an alternate communication method . Please call us at 321 972 5911 or email us at with “Disabled Access” in the subject line. 


We wish to  accommodate all of our customers. If you would like to provide feedback on the goods and services to people with disabilities that Pixie Market provides, you can do so in the following ways:

*   Through email on our website.

*   By telephone Monday – Friday 8:00-4:00 Pm PST at 321 972-5911

*   By writing to us at Pixie Market Inc., 1275 Bennett Drive, Suite 103, Longwood, FL 32750 has been developed using web standards and accessibility to allow for people with disabilities to browse its content. Please find below instructions on how to navigate and manipulate the content of this site.



      Most browsers and assistive technologies facilitate navigation by headings.

      The common screen readers provide functionality to jump to the next heading.

      • H moves to the next heading
      • 1 goes to the next level 1 heading
      • 2 goes to the next level 2 heading
      • INSERT+F6 provides a list of headings, which can be sorted in tab order or in alphabetical order

      In the latest version of the voicing browser Home Page Reader:

      • H moves to the next heading
      • Alt+1 sets Headings Reading Mode, then the down arrow key moves to the next heading and the up arrow key moves to the previous heading

      For the Opera browser:

      • S moves to the next heading
      • W move to the previous heading


      Some browsers and assistive technologies  facilitate navigation by page landmarks, such  page header, footer, and navigation blocks.

      • Move to next landmark: semicolon
      • Move to previous landmark: shift + semicolon
      • Select a landmark: insert + ctrl + semicolon


      Access keys are a means for people to jump immediately to a specific part of an HTML page by pressing ALT+SHIFT (PC) or CTRL (Mac), followed by the appropriate key on the keyboard, as defined by you via an access key parameter. Below is a list of access keys that are available for this website.

      • Accessibility help page: Access Key (0)
      • Skip to main content: Access key (S)
      • Skip to main navigation: Access key (M)
      • Skip to secondary navigation: Access key (N)
      • Skip to top of page: Access key (T)
      • Home page link: Access Key (1)
      • Top Navigation Links: Access keys (2-9)
      • Shopping Cart: Access key (Y)
      • Checkout: Access key (Z)
      • My Account: Access key (A)


      Most web browsers allow you to scale images and text up and down to meet your needs.

      • To increase the zoom level, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + (plus key) or COMMAND + (plus key).
      • To decrease the zoom level, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL - (minus key) or COMMAND - (minus key).
      • To reset to 100%, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL 0 (zero) or COMMAND 0 (zero).
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